Why “Broken Clay Vessels”?

All of us at one stage of our life will be “broken” and tested to the extremes that can give us wounds or “scars” that can be temporary or permanent.

Instead of “masking” those wounds or scars, why not try to embrace it with an open mind and a new thought?

The Japanese believe in repairing broken things with gold – embracing the flaws and acknowledging it beautifully. They call this Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi. You could have seen many potteries being adorned with gold lines, to repair it or give new meaning to it. Why don’t we do the same too to our life?

Acknowledge all those hurts and broken times. Be prepared to face it, with “gold”. There will be lessons we could have learnt from it that will make us stronger and wiser. We will need faith and hope to make our broken life moments better. We may also need to get our inspiration from various sources to repair our life and ourselves. That is where I believe that “life breaks us, but faith and hope fix us”.

In other words, embrace the wounds and “scars”, not hide it! We repair or fix it. This blog will explore the various resources available to us.

Let us live in faith and hope.

Blissful Wishes,

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