About Us

Greetings from Singapore! 🙂

We are sisters, Eunice Letchmi (elder) and Esther Neela (younger). Both of us will be the contributors of this blog. More information on us below…

About Esther Neela

I am not new to the online world. I started e-commerce in the early 2000s (called, “Eden of Frodo & Elvis”), selling organic and natural skincare. I started Within Senses teaching yoga, meditation and doing Reiki treatments. I am a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, Reiki Master, Qigong enthusiast and writer. I also love handmade things, crafts, fair trade practices. I also used to run a fair trade e-store, called “Senseful Crafts” (no longer active). Though no longer teaching, I am still active via by various blog writings.

I am not the type who is motivated by material possessions or the “glamourous world”. You can say that I am a true advocate of mutual respect, peace and harmony. I always believe that any situation and problem in life can be cured or resolved through inner peace. Once someone is peaceful internally, life situations or negative issues will work out well. Since I am naturally a curious person, I do not believe that learning stops because you have attained a certain level. I like to read and learn a variety of topics. I do not believe in restricting my reading and learning.

I also believe in devotional and spiritual practices such as mantra and prayer. Coming from a multi-cultural country and community, I am always in contact with Indian, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist communities and their various backgrounds and beliefs. I believe each system has got something to offer. At times, certain practices will uplift us and give us hope and faith.

I also maintain another blog, https://estherneela.blog/ where I touch on other motivational, inspirational and general matters.

For further information about me, you can visit this link: https://estherneela.blog/about/

Blissful Wishes,

Esther Neela Blog: https://estherneela.blog/
Broken Clay Vessels Blog: https://brokenclayvessels.blog/

An Update:
My sister Eunice is too busy with her current life and will not want to be part of this blog for now. I respect her decision. Therefore, for now, the two blogs will be maintained by me. Thank you!

About Eunice Letchmi

I am an introverted person. Esther opened several learning possibilities not only for me but also for the whole family. Unlike Esther, I am new to the online world of blogging, etc.

I was under the corporate world influence for more than 20 years. I have left the corporate world due to family situation. Now, my life direction is different. I am still trying to find my grip on the various new opportunities life is presenting me. But I believe all that takes place is for my good.

Also, I have my blog, “Within Senses Blog” where I will blog about anything. That blog is under construction.

I am happy to be connecting with so many people through this blog, under Esther guidance.

Best Wishes,

Within Senses Blog: https://withinsenses.blog/

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